Muscle Recovery Series #2: Using HYDRAGUN on the Upper Back

May 7, 2021
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Whether it’s due to poor posture or muscle overuse, back pain can be a real, well, pain. Doctors call it thoracic spine pain (TSP). It’s less common than lower back or neck pains although 1 in 10 men and 1 in 5 women have been shown to suffer from it.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go out and seek a therapist to ease the muscle aches. HYDRAGUN is a handy tool and can help alleviate the agony brought about by a stiff and sore upper back.

With 6 different attachment heads, HYDRAGUN utilizes percussion massage therapy to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation brought about by exercise and daily activities.

In part 2 of this series, we list down which attachment head to use for upper back pain relief.

The Attachment Heads

HYDRAGUN comes with 6 different attachment heads:

The ball attachment is recommended for large muscle groups. The fork has dual-point targeting and is great for deeper penetration of medium muscle groups. The bullet head is recommended for pinpoint targeting of tight knots.

The flat heads (1 regular, 2 stainless steel) are suggested for larger surface areas.

You can use your HYDRAGUN all over the body, from the neck, shoulders, torso, legs and feet.

Using a Massage Gun on the Upper Back

Upper back muscles

The upper back region consists of the following muscles: trapezius, rhomboid, and levator scapulae. The contraction of these muscles -

  • Elevate the pectoral girdle
  • Move the scapula towards the back center
  • Extends the head and neck
  • Holds the head and neck upright

Together with the chest muscles, they also help with upper arm movement and breathing.

If you’re experiencing upper back pain, massaging these muscles should help ease the discomfort.

Recommended Attachment Head to Use:

  • For warm-ups, cool-downs and between sets – ball
  • For recovery – flat heads
  • For deep, tight knots - bullet head

How to:

1.     Choose the attachment.

2.     Turn the HYDRAGUN on and choose the speed setting.

3.     Apply HYDRAGUN to the body.

For warm-ups and between sets:

1. Trap area

  1. Start in the area between the crook of the neck and the shoulder. Let the massage gun glide back and forth across muscle fibers for 15 seconds.
  2. Then from the origin of the muscle, move the HYDRAGUN down and up in a gliding motion for 15 seconds.
  3. Run the HYDRAGUN for another 15 seconds at the insertion of muscle fibers in a back and forth motion.
  4. Finally, take another 15 seconds and run the massage gun along all muscle fibers.
  5. Do this on each side.

2. Under the shoulder and on the side

  1. Bring your arm across the body and hold on to the opposite shoulder.
  2. Rest the gun on the muscle below the shoulder and gently glide the HYDRAGUN back and forth for 15 seconds.
  3. Do the same on the opposite side.

For cool-downs:

1.     Float the HYDRAGUN across all the muscle fibers.

2.     Move the gun from side to side and then back and forth.

3.     Do this for a maximum of 120 seconds (2 minutes).

For recovery or relaxation:

1.     Run the HYDRAGUN across all the muscle fibers, going back and forth and side to side.

2.     You can do this for 90 to 120 seconds (1.5-2 minutes).

For deep and tight knots:

For the area between the neck and shoulder, use a ball or flat head attachment. Let the HYDRAGUN rest on the area for a few seconds and avoid hitting bone.

For under the shoulder and side, you can opt to use a bullet head for a more targeted approach. Again, do not do this for more than a few seconds.

Tip: Recommended attachment heads are just that – suggestions. HYDRAGUN can easily be customized depending on your needs so feel free to choose which attachment head and speed works best for you.

(See more usage and safety tips here.)

Rest and Recovery

Massage can work wonders for sore muscles and HYDRAGUN is the best massage gun for the job. But along with it, make sure you also take ample rest and give your body time to recover. Keep yourself well-hydrated and get quality sleep.

Experiencing pain in other areas? We got you covered.

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