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Workplace Community of Peak Performers

Our Vision

To have Hydragun massage devices in 1 million households by 2023.
That’s our audacious goal and we’re serious about it.

We live in a time where the world is changing at a rapid pace. To stay ahead, we need to push ourselves at a higher level. No matter who you are and what you do, being able to achieve peak performance will help you live your best life and do your best work.

That’s why we’re putting together a skillful, dedicated and diverse team to help us achieve that. Together, we are confident we can achieve the HYDRAGUN vision.

Our Peak Performance Culture

Our mission is to empower people to live their best lives through peak performance.
And to empower others, we need to lead by example. That means peak performance must be an integral part of our everyday lives in the team. Habits, routines and practices that help us perform at our best—physically and mentally. Think meditation, great fitness routines, productivity hacks, book sharing discussions, that’s our water-cooler talk.

If you love optimising your physical and mental state to perform to the best of your abilities, you’ll have a blast with us.

Our Values

While you may instinctively scoff at the idea of core values (we know, we were like that too). The reason many people treat this as “corporate fluffery” is because core values are often nothing more than just a pretty poster on the wall.

That’s why we stripped it down to the bare bones. We asked ourselves what are the two most important things we want in our team? What are the key traits that will propel HYDRAGUN to the next level? They are:


Own your work. Own the brand. Own the mission. Take pride in what you do. Make it count.



Always look for new ways to improve personally and professionally. Push your boundaries. Be better!


Own your work. Own the brand. Own the mission. Take pride in what you do. Make it count.


Always look for new ways to improve personally and professionally. Push your boundaries. Be better!

Our plan to take on the industry giants

As a performance tech company, our goal is to create products that help people perform better in their day-to-day lives. Starting with the massage gun. The massage gun space is new, with a couple of big players dominating it with high prices and huge investor funding.

For us, we rely on our scrappiness, resourcefulness and years of experience in building ecommerce brands to shake up the industry. There is an opportunity for HYDRAGUN to revolutionize the massage gun space. And we’re grabbing it.

We can only do that if we have the right people with the right skillsets and mindset.

who should apply?

If any of these get you excited:

  • Purposeful and meaningful work

  • Freedom and autonomy to bring your ideas to reality

  • Achieving mastery and excellence in your expertise

  • An open, honest, and positive workplace

  • Becoming a leader

  • Work with teammates that inspire and support you

Then we’ll work well together like kaya toast and eggs. At HYDRAGUN, you can do your best work at your best physical and mental state with the best people.

What to Expect

You’ll have the flexibility and autonomy to make your own decisions. We are open to ideas, discussion and feedback. We recognize that productive failure and struggle are great opportunities to grow. We encourage risk-taking.

However, with great freedom comes great responsibility.

We don’t tolerate mediocrity. We expect you to show up. And most importantly, to actively contribute to building a positive work culture.

Ask for help. Offer help. Be honest with feedback. And be gracious when receiving them. Build relationships. Foster goodwill. Question assumptions. Be proud of your work, yet not prideful. And be generous with praise and kind words.

At the end of the day, we’re working towards a common mission. Your success is everyone’s; and everyone’s success is yours.

Join Our Growing Team

Creative oracles, marketing mad scientists, writing wizards, business development ninjas, customer happiness heroes, and visionary leaders. We’re building an A-team of star players to work on our vision and mission. If you believe in the power of peak performance and want to make a real impact in the world, we might be a great fit. Submit your application for the available positions below and let’s talk. We look forward to changing the world with you.

Open positions

Product Manager

Financial documents, bank reconciliations, tax payments and returns. Think you have what it takes? Submit your application and let’s chat!
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Community Manager

Online community, organic conversations, and social media. Think you have what it takes? Submit your application and let’s chat!
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Finance Executive

Financial documents, bank reconciliations, tax payments and returns. Think you have what it takes? Submit your application and let’s chat!
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Media Relations & Partnerships Executive

Public relations strategies, corporate promotions, internal and corporate communications/affairs and initiatives.
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Customer Care Specialist

Memorable and personable customer service experience, and deep understanding of products.
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Video Editor (D2C specialist)

Singapore or Remote
Strategic creative guidance, branding, and design. Think you have what it takes? Submit your application and let’s chat!
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Videographer (Intern)

Visual eye, technical filming skills, bizarre ideas and the hunger to achieve greatness.
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What our team members are saying

Rae Chuang

Creative Lead

“I see team building as one of my biggest achievements here. I am proud to have synergised a team of creatives that are motivated to do our best work together. This is possible because of the culture that HYDRAGUN has- a transformational one. Unlike bureaucratic and autocratic workplaces, HYDRAGUN emphasizes on developing self-energizing and self-organizing team members, who have a clear sense of purpose, communicate freely, challenge and support each other, take responsibility for innovation and development.

That gives me real autonomy in developing transformational leadership skills, where I am prompted to constantly discover better ways to engage with individual members and synergise my team. There are also mentor figures like Aloysius who keeps me accountable for the mistakes I make in my progress.

I have also seen peers blossom from passive natures into confident leaders in their domain within months. If you have a thirst for leadership, you’ll have a blast here!”

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Jethro Mah

Marketing Lead

“Before joining HYDRAGUN, I was a freelancer. Since I was working for myself, I found myself falling into poor eating and sleeping habits. I also didn’t have the discipline to exercise regularly and often gave myself excuses.. This affected many other areas of my life, and I slipped into a low-frequency, “autopilot” state for a long time.

Being a part of the team has been the best thing to happen to me for a long time. I now have a stable routine and I feel the strongest I’ve ever been right now—physically and mentally. Working with this team of A-players has inspired me to up my game personally and professionally. I feel I have the freedom to do work that is fulfilling and purposeful. It’s like all my career has been building up to this moment. I wouldn’t trade this “job” for anything else.”

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Candy Pellejera

Influencer Relations Officer

“I believe that every one of us can be an inspiration to others--and for me, I use my passion for sports to connect to people and stimulate change. I feel grateful that I can further affect change to a wider audience through my work with HYDRAGUN by reaching out to athletes, and other peak performers, and giving them a platform where they can share their stories, and experiences, and be an inspiration to the world. At the same time, the culture in HYDRAGUN encourages us to pursue our passions, grow, and be a better version of ourselves - I can fulfill my sports dreams while having a fulfilling career!”

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Ade Bay

Business Development Ninja

“I am based in London and 8 hours behind everyone else in the team.
Thankfully, the culture at HYDRAGUN has enabled us to work together effectively. We use things like Slack for direct and indirect conversations; I can easily get up to speed on the day's happenings when I sign on for the day. We utilise the overlaps in time-zones for both team-based and company-wide meetings, in order to maximise the amount of face time we have with one another. This allows us to prioritise our meetings for those that require in-depth discussion.
This trust and flexibility, coupled with the operational setup we all share, means that everyone aims to help one another out, accounting for different commitments, even for things outside of work. Overall, this results in not just greater efficiency, but happier team members!”

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Jai Tadeo

Content Writer

“Communication is a HUGE part of HYDRAGUN’s culture. Every day is an opportunity for learning and every member of the management team understands that we have so much to learn from employees, too.
Every decision is carefully thought out and discussed, and we take the time to hear out what every team member has to say and take every suggestion seriously. This is why I think everybody here gets along very well, and that’s very important to me.”

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Mikami Pablo

Video Editor

“I used to tiptoe around the topic of my mental health in the previous companies I worked in. It is quite hard to open up and seek help when there is so much stigma in the workplace. But HYDRAGUN is a company that not only encourages me to speak up, but also prioritizes mental health days and recovery, for us to achieve optimum performance. It recognizes that fitness is not just a physical thing, and it’s something that is incredibly valuable to me.
I also love that we get to do meditation and book sharing every week as a team, and share our own health and fitness stories. I honestly did not expect that I would experience this kind of fast-paced yet nurturing environment.  In HYDRAGUN, I get to thrive and grow as a video editor without worrying that my condition will hinder my career.”

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Jireh Cuarto

Graphic Designer

“Working at HYDRAGUN is an endless flow of creativity. Working closely with an amazing team, solving different business challenges through design, allowed me to grow both as a graphic designer and an artist. The freedom to be able to voice out ideas and materialize them is also one of the many opportunities that I enjoy here.
With open-minded and socially progressive colleagues, I never felt this welcomed and valued before. Personally, it just feels like I’m hanging out with a bunch of cool and creative friends over coffee.”

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Kat Reyes

Senior Media Buyer

“Achieving work-life balance is quite a challenge for me. Being a mother is already a full-time job as it is, but maintaining your professional career concurrently is definitely no easy feat. One of the biggest thing HYDRAGUN is doing to accommodate working parent like me is the availability of flexible schedule. I love how they give me flexibility to decide the convenient working hours that will help me better manage work and balance time with my family.
I am thankful and very grateful that HYDRAGUN have given me the opportunity to have both a career and a family.”

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Maikee Rodulf Aclao

Business Development Executive

“My new role in HYDRAGUN really defined the word pressure but in an environment of growth I think pressure can be used to transform me to become better. HYDRAGUN is very unique because they are very radical and committed towards their culture. Everyone is also driving their own projects and really takes ownership which is not a new idea for me but its my first time experiencing this level of execution in a company.”

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Samantha Fong

Outreach Lead

“I like that there’s high visibility, so each team member can see clearly how their work fits into the bigger picture, and that thoughtfulness is encouraged over mindless task execution. People are also encouraged to be vocal, including beyond their departments and specialisations, so that the best ideas and solutions can emerge.
What I find most fulfilling about the work is that there’s something new to do every week -- the company is growing and evolving rapidly, so there are many opportunities to develop new skills and competencies.”

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