Angela Lee Pucci
ONE Women's Atomweight Champion

As a professional athlete training numerous hours, every day of the week, recovery is the most important aspect of my training regime. HYDRAGUN makes my recovery easy, portable and accessable.

Fandi Ahmad
Head Coach of Young Lions FC

If there’s one thing I wish I had back in my younger days it would be HYDRAGUN. This brand has taken sports recovery technology to the next level and I look forward to seeing them evolve with our next generation of athletes.

My sons have been using this device, and it helped them to recover better and faster after training. If you are a soccer player or athlete, I highly recommend you to include this into your recovery routine- it can boost your performance on the field. Go HYDRAGUN!

Abel Albonetti
Bodybuilder & Fitness Model

What I love about the HYDRAGUN is that they focus on helping bodybuilders like myself recover, which is such an underrated thing that more of us need to start caring about in order to stay injury-free and continue to see progress.

Budi Hidayat
2x Men's Physique SG Champion

Due to my muscle mass, it is challenging for me to stretch my muscles pre-workout which limits my range of motion. HYDRAGUN helped me loosen the tight muscles in my lats which allows me to execute my workouts much efficiently.

Adrian Tan
Director of ONE PT & 2x Mr Singapore

Over the past few years, I have personally purchased and tried several a few of these top percussive therapy devices, I am thoroughly impressed with the Hydragun. It is super quiet, smooth, clean performace and certainly gets the job done with multiple resistance settings for all fitness types. I personally use it during my workouts to help release the tight muscles prior to performing a set of exercises. I am totally sold on Hydragun and will definitely recommend it to novice or even professional athletes who want that edge!

Loh Kean Yew
Thailand Masters (Badminton) Gold

I prefer hydragun over other similar products is because:

- Its power, which can go up to 3200RPM (most massage guns range at 2800RPM only).
- Its sound base, as it is quieter than most massage guns, almost no louder than your fridge.
- Personally my favourite feature: it's 6 speed settings. Most massage guns only have 3 speed settings but HYDRAGUN has 6, so I have a wide range of speed settings to choose from depending on my muscle soreness.

Elle Gwee
Fitness Coach

I've never seen a massage gun like HYDRAGUN in Singapore before and I was very intrigued by it when I first heard about it! It’s a really effective product and helps me greatly as a coach and my CrossFit journey.

Gordan Tay
Fitness Trainer

Normally after a workout, my body gets extremely sore, especially when I increase my training intensity. Because of this, I find it hard to sleep properly at night. But after using hydragun after my workouts, I find it helps loosen up my muscles, and I can feel my body recovering faster. What I like about it is the different heads for different muscle groups. I can opt for a deeper massage with the bullet head, or a harder massage with the steel heads. Now I can push harder knowing that sore muscles isn’t a problem anymore.

Alex Salihin
OPEX CCP Level 1 Associate Coach

I immediately feel better, less tight, more open just from about 5 to 10 minutes of using it. I absolutely love it.

Adam Toh
Manhunt SG 2018 1st Runner Up

My front delts have been giving me little bit of pain lately...I can feel that my shoulder is a lot more relaxed, even from just a 1 minute massage.

(HYDRAGUN) goes up to 6 (speed) settings and it's still pretty quiet.

Kenneth Seet
Bodybuilder & Fitness Trainer

After using this gun for the past two weeks, my recovery rate has increased. My muscles don't feel so sore. Because I work out very early in the morning, it helps me to make sure that my muscles are ready and fired up before I go lift my weights or go for my runs. I'll be using HYDRAGUN very regularly.

Paulo Atienza
Fitness First New You Award Winner

Very thoughtful, world-class packaging. But more than anything, that's a very hefty, high-quality product.

You can tell right off the bat that this is made of a different material. I have tried different masaage heads before, but this is the next level.

As far as massage guns go, this is the best (and I’ve tried most of them).

Desmond Wong
Fitness Enthusiast & Photographer

I've tried it first-hand, and honest to goodness, this is hands down the most aesthetically pleasing and effective massage gun i have used thus far.

Dominic da Costa
Fitness Model

I've been prioritising my recovery alot more recently and already seeing the benefits from doing so - this cool piece of kit is going to help take things to the next level for me.

Faris Ramli
Footballer (Hougang United FC)

Compared to other massage guns, this is the best sports recovery that I’ve used thus far. It has 30 to 50 dB Noise Level so your HYDRAGUN is as quiet as a whisper.

Georgina Poh
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Hydragun has become a staple for my recovery routine ☺️ I love how it’s so easy to use, compact & effective!

Leonard Tay
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I’ve been using this recovery tool even more lately. Being in a caloric deficit means that sometimes it can take longer to recover from a training session.
I love how this helps to release muscle knots & improve blood circulation. Even if you’re not struggling to recover, you can still use it for a nice & relaxing massage.

Nana Al Haleq
Wellness Celebrity Coach & TV Host

Perfect to help me recover better. Just what i needed!

Neilan Wong
2x Men’s Physique Class Champ

Having trouble with recovery lately but Hydragun really helps.

Sabrina Wee
Business Owner & Fitness Influencer

The percussive action of Hydragun feels extremely good and definitely works deeper to help get rid of the knots and soreness. Its aluminium body is not only sleek and pretty but also very hardy. And did I say that it’s extremely silent that I can hold normal conversations while using it! Compared to my other device, Hydragun just looks, feels, and sounds so much better. I don’t feel shy bringing it to the gym to use just because it doesn’t attract a lot of attention even in public because tons of guns tend to be really loud.

Jeff Chan
ONE Championship MMA Athlete

I have tried so many of these massage guns out on the market, but HYDRAGUN has slowly become my go-to tool for preparing and recovering from a hard training session. All the different heads and settings this gun has allows me to customize and control each experience.

Sean Fagan
Pro Muay Thai Fighter & Youtuber

This thing is f*king amazing. I have used many massage guns, and I've never really felt any type of way about it afterwards. But this Hydragun is legit. I used it on my most important and sorest weapons - my legs - and the very next day, I felt like I was throwing high kicks 10-20% more effectively and with zero muscle discomfort during or after.

Lydia Williams
Goalkeeper for Arsenal WFC

It's been really good and really easy to use especially when I'm training and coming back up from rehab. [...] Highly recommended, thank you HYDRAGUN!

After some tough sessions and sore miscles, HYDRAGUN has helped me release them and then back up for the next day!

Abbie Taddeo
NSW State Hurdles Champion

This is by far one of the quietest massage gun I've used. The HYDRAGUN has done wonders in preparing me for those tough training sessions. Overall the best massage gun I have used in the past year!

Matt Bevilacqua
5x Paddleboard World Champion

The HYDRAGUN is without doubt the best recovery tool I’ve tried. Super quiet yet with power when needed it makes recovery so convenient and efficient. It's got my tick of approval!

Chris Bradford
Muay Thai World Champion

Fast, simple and effective. If you are an athlete pushing out some high muscle expenditure, I highly suggest HYDRAGUN be part of your recovery process. Thank me later.

Marc Jacobs
2x Vice Kiteboarding Champion

I'm constantly spending hours in the water or at the gym every day. My body gets a beating. HYDRAGUN helps repair my muscle cells by increasing blood flow to the nedded area. It helps me recover faster to shred again.

Taylor McKeown
Olympic & Commonwealth Games Medalist

As a professional swimmer, we train for numerous hours in the pool and gym at a high intensity. Recovery is so crucial in order to repetitively push myself. That’s why I love using my HYDRAGUN.

Paul Merciadez
Dancer (Justice Crew)

The HYDRAGUN has made the biggest difference since I started using it. From post-session recovery to loosening tight muscles throughout training and rehearsals , it’s been a real life saver!

Fiona Peters

"Hydragun is an essential tool to pamper your body post surfing, fitness classes or when your body is feeling run down. It travels everywhere with me, a crucial tool I add to the suitcase on every trip!"

John Wayne
10x Muay Thai world champion

"Loving my new Hydragun as it helps get me through my fight camps when I can’t get to a masseuse."

Angie Scarth-Johnson
Professional Rock Climber

"As an athlete my training program requires long hours of over using particular muscles especially in the shoulders and forearms, the HYDRAGUN has given me the ability to massage and target isolated areas that are sore and tense. Allowing my muscles to recover quicker than usual,. The Hydragun has become an essential tool in my daily training."

Luke Breust
Triple Premiership Player

"I love the different speeds the hydragun has as well the multiple attachments. First thing I grab when relaxing at home at night."

Jack Crisp
Professional AFL Player

"Training in the AFL is very demanding so we have a lot of emphasis around recovery, the HYDRAGUN makes it easier for me to prepare my body to be at its best for game day."

Jess Coate
Pro Bodybuilder

"As a Professional Athlete , HYDRAGUN helps to speed up my recovery process with my vigorous training g schedule and hours of training each week in the gym."

Mark Robinson
Dietitian & Fitness Model

"It's truly pretty awesome! HYDRAGUN is revolutionary in post training recovery or for activation pre or during any exercise session!"

Nathan Sobey
Pro Basketball Player

"The HYDRAGUN is super quite and has so many different options to use for different parts of the body. It is really helping me with my overall recovery post practice and games. I have also been able to use the gun pre-game to help me warm up. Thank you HYDRAGUN 👍"

Sheldon Simkus
Pro Surfer

"The HYDRAGUN for me is a key piece of equipment that I find useful for a activation ready tool and most importantly a great recovery tool for my body."

Kirra-belle Olsson

"I have been using the Hydragun for the past month now and it has been a great addition to my everyday life. I am extremely active and have found that I have been recovering at a faster rate since using the Hydragun - discovering new limits!"

Duncan Brown
AU Sport Climbing Team Coaching Director

"As a climber, recovering better between routes in the outdoors means climbing harder, better, and safer. The portability of the Hydragun makes taking this tool into the outdoors simple and using it helps with that key recovery throughout the day."

Lauren Barnes
Pro Football Player

"My experience with the HYDRAGUN has been very beneficial. Being a professional athlete the gun has made recovery so convenient - from relieving aches and pains to increasing blood circulation for a more speedy recovery between my workouts and games. I’m so excited to have HYDRAGUN as a tool in my recovery regime."

Madison Brown
2014 Commonwealth Games Gold (Netball)

"I love using my Hydragun. I have recently had knee surgery and whilst recovering, its helped me target those tight and sore areas whilst having limited mobility. The range in speeds and different trigger head options allows you to maximise the most out of this everyday, accessible recovery tool."

Bronte Campbell
Olympic Swimmer

"Hydragun is a great tool for recovery. It gets to those hard to reach places that rolling and stretching just don’t hit. Love the different settings depending on how much or how little each different area needs."

Brock Ashby
Body Transformation Coach

"A very convenient way to loosen up the muscles and increase recovery. Good gym bag accessory."

Isay Eremeev
Personal Trainer & Fitness Model

"Hydragun is the best thing I've ever had for muscle recovery! It's quickly become my new best friend. I’m truly blessed to use this machine as now I have nothing to worry about when I’m training hard because hydragun will always be my side 💪🏻"

Jennifer Cudjoe
Pro Footballer (Sky Blue FC)

"As a professional soccer player, rest and recovery are the most important aspect of my training. Using the Hydragun before or after training sessions accelerates my recovery and warmups. I’ve never found a more useful device for improving muscle soreness, range of motion, and circulation!"

Jason Behrendorff
Professional Cricketer

"I’ve really noticed the difference when I use the HYDRAGUN after tough training sessions, it has been great to help ease my muscle soreness and tightness. I also really like how it’s lighter and quieter than other models I’ve used in the past. HYDRAGUN has become a regular part of my recovery routine."

Bree Masters
Beach Sprinter and Flagger

"Hydragun has helped me immensely in my recovery as a professional athlete! It’s been the perfect addition to my routine, giving me the ease of recovering on the go 🙌🏼"

Braydon Ennor
Professional Rugby Union Player

"My Hydragun helped me recover from surgery through massaging my muscles that I couldn’t otherwise stretch my self! I love it because it is comfortable in hand and easy to use!"

Paige Hareb
Professional Surfer

"Absolutely loving the Hydragun! I love how you can change the heads on it easily and has six different speeds. I use it every single day and am finding it helps my body recover quicker! Stoked! Thank you!"

Tameka Yallop
Professional Footballer

"The Hydragun helps me get through those tough double days. It’s so quick and easy to use between sessions and it means I can go into my next session feeling refreshed!"

Teagan Micah
International Soccer Player

“Hydragun has helped me recover faster after intense trainings and games. It has 6 different heads available to interchange to target different muscle groups which is amazing to take care of your whole body”

Albie Aldahawie
AWF Tag Champ

“Love using my gun before and after getting in the ring, not only does it help with recovery but also a great add on to warms up them muscles”

Jai Hindley
Pro Road Racing Cyclist

"Big shout out to @thehydragun team for hooking me up with the goods. Recovery has never been so quick and easy. This gun has been magic for putting my legs back together after a long day on the pedals 👌🏽"

Nathen Mixon
Fitness Coach & Youtuber

"I think the hydragun is definitely a solid device. It's effective, it's sleek and also it comes with a 1.5 year warranty. You essentially get this package at a cheaper price. The hydragun is ideal for anyone who wants to recover faster. If you are a trainer/ or a massage therapist, you are going to make your money back with this particular product. I havent had any type of complaint from my clients. They love me for it actually."

Matt Ebden
Grand Slam Champion

"My favorite thing about the hydragun is definitely the strength and range of different levels and speeds and intensity. It means I can get anything I need with regards to massage and recovery"

Dean Bowen

"The Hydragun recovery tool works great for me to keep sore and stiff muscles loose and pain-free around where I had knee surgery. It has helped a lot with my recovery and returning to the water."

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“Unlike other brands of massage tools, HYDRAGUN aims to be a quality tool that provides you with the best relief which is worth the investment you’ve made.”
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“Magic Bullet For My Chronically Achy Calves.”
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“The quietness of HYDRAGUN allows for a relaxing massage even when it's late in the night or while watching the TV.” [Translated from Mandarin]
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“The great thing about it is that even at its highest level, it is extremely quiet. It's much quieter than a lot of the other massage guns in the market.”
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"It’s quiet, with noise level ranging from 30 to 50 decibels – the device with the highest recorded noise on the market sounds off at 75 decibels (equivalent to the sound of a loud vacuum cleaner)."
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“High-end massage guns can get pretty expensive, though. One Singapore-based fitness tech startup called Hydragun, however, wants the sports recovery tool in the hands of more people by essentially making the devices a wee bit more affordable without losing the muscle-punching power.”
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“The other thing that intrigues me is that that was hardly any noise from the HYRAGUN. Despite its power, it purrs like a kitty when used.”
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“Of these three guns, HYDRAGUN is my pick... it is the lightest, I like that the grip is just a bit narrower. It's got 6 different attachments, 6 different speeds.”
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“What I particularly like about HYDRAGUN is that it's got some sort of a punching motion, rather than the other massage guns that just vibrate.”
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“Highly recommended for both serious sports professionals and enthusiasts as well as for normal sores and aches from work or chores.”
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“I have seen many cheap massage guns in the market and try on some. Those that I tried cannot be compared to HYDRAGUN in terms of built quality and noise level made by the motor. The HYDRAGUN is very quiet, thanks to the selection of a good motor.”
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“The Hydragun is comparably priced with similar products in the market, but Singaporeans might appreciate that it’s a local company – in addition to its fully-featured set of accessories, commendable build and sleek presentation.”
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“What I really like about it is that with the price, it comes with everything that you need.. If you buy this, you really don't need to be buying anything else. (Competitor) massage gun is expensive. and you have no carrying case with it.... HYDRAGUN comes complete.”
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“HYDRAGUN set out to solve this problem and created a high-quality therapy device that works.. regardless of their actual fitness level. It works for anyone that is looking for pain relief, especially from sore or stiff muscles.. caused by bad posture while working from home.. using the computer for long times, to those engaging in regular sports.”
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“Not typically the kind of technology that I would review but pain is universal to a lot of us, and including people that are into tech like gamers and so forth, get the pain away with the Hydragun Sports Therapy Massager.”
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“...HYDRAGUN is the clear overall winner.”
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“It’s much needed for parents like me to get that much-needed care for aching muscles after a hard day’s work.”
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“The Hydragun Massage Gun is one of the best massage guns out there. The moment it arrives at your doorstep, you know that Hydragun takes their design, quality, and customer service very seriously.”
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“Hydragun is a premium product and you can see it throughout the whole product starting from the packaging to the build quality.”
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“The biggest thing i want to take away from this is the noise. Minimal noise but has quite good power. Soft and whisper quiet, you can use it while watching TV...All in all, great value for money. Best investment.”
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“It’s obvious from the moment you open the packaging that this is a quality product. It comes it a relatively nice hard carry case to keep everything organised and protected.... HYDRAGUN has done a great job designing a product that looks futuristic.”
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"The Hydragun is an excellent massage gun that mixes a premium look and feel with solid performance. It brings premium massage guns down to a more reasonable price; solid build and excellent grip; strong motor without being too loud; great variety in massage heads."
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"Hydragun is easily one of the fastest massage guns around. In terms of flexibility, Hydragun has six different speed settings and six massage heads. This variety enables users to easily adjust the massage based on their personal preference."
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"The Hydragun Massage Gun is a very quiet one. In spite of a strong motor that reaches 3200 RPM on its highest intensity, its noise doesn’t go beyond 50 decibels. Sometimes, it can be as quiet as 30 decibels which is just a little louder than a whisper."
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"With its top-notch built and myriad of settings, this percussive massager is perfect for sports fanatics and everyday users alike."
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“If you have been considering getting a massage gun, HYDRAGUN should be one to consider.”
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how HYDRAGUN stacks up against other massage guns

Or, watch these review videos to see how Hydragun stacks up against other massage guns:

Reviews from our Customers

Justin Goodwin

I got more than my moneys worth.

Reviewed in Singapore on August 24, 2020

This massage gun is positively amazing. I broke my arm severely last yer in a pretty nasty accident. I also messed up a good chunk of my body.

This left me with loads of pain in my shoulders, my back, my chest, my arms and hands, and my legs and knees, calves and feet… Yes, pretty much everywhere.

Rachel Berry

Hands down One of the best purchases
I've ever made

Reviewed in the United States of America on September 03, 2020

Within just a few hours of owning this massager, I was already asking myself how I have ever lived without it and telling myself it has already paid for itself! It’s just so good!

I bought this after trying a friends hypervolt and loving it. I decided on this one as it has better attachments, and more speed settings.

Titus Andromedon

I got more than my moneys worth.

Reviewed in Singapore on August 24, 2020

This massage gun is positively amazing. I broke my arm severely last yer in a pretty nasty accident. I also messed up a good chunk of my body.

This left me with loads of pain in my shoulders, my back, my chest, my arms and hands, and my legs and knees, calves and feet… Yes, pretty much everywhere.

Don’t let sore muscles get in the way. Recover faster with