Contrast Therapy+ Bundle

Harness the power of cold therapy, heat therapy and percussive therapy

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Break through your limits by harnessing the power of cold therapy, heat therapy and percussive therapy for ultimate peak performance. Enjoy big savings when you purchase the bundle today.

Bundle includes the Supertub, the HeatPod Sauna Blanket, and the Hydragun or Atom massage gun. Items in the bundle may ship separately.

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Experience the invigorating power of the Supertub and unlock a myriad of benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Immerse yourself to improve post-workout muscle recovery, get a focus and energy boost, and fortify your immune system.

The Supertub is the simplest way to take a cold plunge every day. It features our Permafrost™ chilling system, which keeps your water ice-cold throughout the day while saving energy with its automated power-saving mode; an advanced, built-in filtration system; premium materials and build quality; and a compact, minimalist design.

HeatPod Sauna Blanket 2
HeatPod Sauna Blanket 2

The second-generation HeatPod is an infrared sauna blanket that delivers whole-body heat therapy for improved recovery, better heart and systemic health, natural pain management, and stress relief.

We've upgraded the HeatPod to get even hotter than before (hottest on the market), improved UX design for a fuss-free experience, and optimized it for comfort with accessories such as a pillow and footrest.

Hydragun Massage Gun
Hydragun Massage Gun

Eliminate muscle pain and feel great with the Hydragun so you can achieve more.

The Hydragun is used by Olympians, recovery professionals, and people from all walks of life on four continents. The quietest massage gun on the market, it also comes with stellar specs and powerful performance; thoughtful design features for comfort and safety; and components that are built-to-last.

Atom Mini Massage Gun
Atom Mini Massage Gun

The Atom sets the bar for mini massage guns by packing exceptional power and industry-leading battery life into the smallest possible footprint.

The perfect balance of form and function, featuring an aerospace-grade aluminum body, a self-standing design, and USB-C charging.



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