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Restore knee strength, rebuild cartilage, and get relief from knee pain

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Our Complete Knee Rehab Bundle combines the safest and most effective therapy modes to help restore knee strength, rebuild cartilage, and bring relief from knee pain. Enjoy big savings when you purchase the bundle today.

The “Relieve” option includes the HeatPulse Knee Massager and the Back to 25 Knee Clinic rehab program.

The “Rebuild” option includes the HeatPulse Knee Massager, the Thermosleeve, a 6 month supply of the KneeForge Daily Build supplement, and the Back to 25 Knee Clinic rehab program.

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Free physio consultation (worth $85)! For a limited time, enjoy a free 30-minute online consultation with a licensed physiotherapist with every purchase of the Complete Knee Rehab Bundle.

The HeatPulse 2 is selling fast due to heavy demand. Order now to receive by August 30th.

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Get 360° pain relief for your joints, muscles and whole body with three proven recovery modalities:

  • Soothing heat to loosen stiff joints and tight muscles
  • Cool relief for acute or inflammatory muscle and joint pain
  • Compression therapy to relieve pressure on joints and improve circulation.

Made with antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant materials for quick and easy care.

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KneeForge Daily Build
KneeForge Daily Build

KneeForge Daily Build provides long-term, focused support for happy, healthy cartilage and knees.

Crafted by a team of expert formulators with chemistry PhDs and over 20 years of experience, KneeForge contains everything you’d want in a powerful, premium knee supplement:

  • The right ingredients – high-quality, proven actives
  • The right dosage – high percentages to ensure potency
  • The right formulation – a synergistic blend to maximize effectiveness

A pure, lean, non-GMO formula free from toxic dyes, colorings, and fillers like titanium dioxide. Made in the USA.

Back to 25 Knee Clinic Product Page
Back to 25 Knee Clinic

The Back to 25 Knee Clinic is a complete online rehab video course designed to help you recover from knee pain using the Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (NPT) approach – a gold-standard rehabilitation technique backed by decades of research.

Knee Clinic is designed specifically for middle-aged and older adults with degenerative knee conditions like osteoarthritis. Licensed physiotherapist Mathieu Sonier will take you through the program from start to finish and show you exactly what you need to do—from the comfort of your own home, no equipment required.



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(worth $85)

Meet Mathieu Sonier

We’ve partnered with Mathieu Sonier, a licensed physiotherapist with over 11 years of clinical experience, to provide free physio consultations to our customers.

In your free consultation, Matheiu will help you gain a better understanding of your specific condition, answer any questions you may have, and even recommend a customized recovery plan.

Purchase any Complete Knee Rehab Bundle to receive your free 30-minute online consultation today.

Once you’ve purchased your Complete Knee Rehab Bundle, we’ll send you an email invitation to book a free appointment at a time of your choosing.

Consultations will take place via Zoom video call. If you need any help, our Customer Support team will be on standby at .

Matheiu Sonier holds a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and a Master of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy, and has worked with a wide range of clients from age 10 to age 80.

He has experience treating a large variety of knee conditions, including general knee pain, runner's knee, osteoarthritis, Osgood-Schlatter disease, patellar tendonitis, ACL, MCL, LCL, and PCL strains, meniscus strains and tears, pes anserine tendonitis, patellar dislocation, and post-op care for knee surgeries including total knee replacements.