Cold water immersion therapy for enhanced recovery, focus, and energy

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Experience the invigorating power of the Supertub and unlock a myriad of benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Immerse yourself to improve post-workout muscle recovery, get a focus and energy boost, and fortify your immune system.

The Supertub is the simplest way to take a cold plunge every day. It features our Permafrost™ chilling system, which keeps your water ice-cold throughout the day while saving energy with its automated power-saving mode; an advanced, built-in filtration system; premium materials and build quality; and a compact, minimalist design.

Free setup: For a limited time, enjoy our white-glove setup service for free! Exclusively for customers in Singapore only.

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  • Material: SGS-certified military-grade marine vinyl
  • Volume: 60 gallons (227 liters)
  • Dimensions: 52x28x24″ (132x71x61cm)
  • Weight: 21lbs (9.5kg)

Permafrost™ chiller

  • Cooling capacity: 0.8 horsepower
  • Temperature range: 37-108°F (3-42°C)
  • Dimensions: 19x14x21″ (48x36x53cm)
  • Weight: 82lbs (37kg)
  • Water resistance rating: IPX4

Water purification system

  • 80-mesh water strainer
  • 20-micron water filter
  • Commercial-grade ozone generator

Each Supertub order comes with three kits: a Supertub Kit, a Permafrost™ Chiller Kit, and a Water Balancing Kit.

Supertub Kit

  • 1 Supertub
  • 1 Tub cover
  • 1 storage bag
  • 1 component kit, with all the tools and small parts you’ll need
  • 1 accessories kit, including:
    • Electric air pump
    • Anti-slip mat
    • Skimmer net
    • Phone mount
    • 1 product manual

Permafrost Chiller™ Kit

  • 1 Permafrost™ chiller with water filter
  • 1 water strainer with washer and plumbing tape
  • 2 water hoses

Water Balancing Kit

  • 1 Sirona™ Simply Sanitizer, 16oz
  • 1 Sirona™ Simply Oxidizer, 32oz
  • 1 Sirona™ Spa Up, 2lbs
  • 1 Sirona™ Spa Down, 2.5lbs
  • 1 Sirona™ Simply Test Strips, 25 pieces
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 measuring spoon

Trusted by champions

  • Angela Lee Pucci

    ONE Women's Atomweight Champion

    “I’ve been using this for a while now and what I love about it is, it’s super compact, easy to set up. It’s still a challenge to get in the water but once I get in and dunk, I feel amazing.”

  • Marina Bay Sands

  • Resorts World Sentosa

  • Raffles Hospital

  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

  • OCBC Bank

  • UOB Group

Freezing cold and clean water any time of the day


The Supertub is powered by our energy-efficient Permafrost™ chilling system that keeps your water as low as 37.4°F (3°C) throughout the day.

It’s engineered to be powerful enough to keep the water ice-cold, while making sure it does not overwork.

Cheap tubs

0.3-0.5 horsepower

42°F (5°C)

Needs to work harder for longer to keep water cold, increasing the risk of a breakdown

Other premium tubs

1-2 horsepower

Varies, usually around 37°F (3°C)

Overpowered and costs thousands more


0.8 horsepower

37°F (3°C)

Powerful enough to keep water chilled in hot climates

Energy efficient with automated power-saving mode


The Supertub comes with a built-in 3-step self-cleaning sanitization system:

Step 1: The 80-mesh water strainer traps larger debris like hair and sand.

Step 2: The 20-micron water filter removes ultra-fine sediment and dirt.

Step 3: The commercial-grade ozone generator disinfects the water by breaking down microbes like bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Cheap tubs

No integrated water filter

No ozone generator

Other premium tubs

20-micron filter

Ozone generator


80-mesh water strainer and 20-micron filter

Built-in, commercial-grade ozone generator

Expertly designed
for all homes

See the Supertub in your space

Super simple

The Supertub is designed to fit homes of all sizes, and is suitable for use indoors or in sheltered outdoor spaces. In addition to its small footprint, it also has a self-contained filtration system so no plumbing is needed.

With its sturdy but lightweight inflatable design, the Supertub is easy to move around, and can be set up and taken down without professional help.

It’s also built to last– constructed from double-walled military-grade marine vinyl that we put through rigorous tensile, tearing, and adhesion strength tests, and that is SGS- and ISO-certified for safety and quality.

Cheap tubs

Compact but cramped, with high sides that make it harder to climb into

Easy to set up but may require more ongoing maintenance due to inferior filtration and sanitization

Flimsy inflatable requiring plastic support props

Other premium tubs

Large-footprint designs may not fit smaller homes and apartments

Stainless steel tubs require waterproof flooring due to condensation

Heavy, bulky, and requires additional help to set up

Difficult to move once installed

Durable (depending on the material)


Compact full-sized tub

Can be used indoors or in sheltered outdoor spaces

Set it up yourself in fifteen minutes

Each order comes with everything you need to set up and enjoy

Durable, self-standing inflatable

Double-walled military-grade marine vinyl

SGS- and ISO-certified

What does the Supertub do for your body?

Boosts physical recovery

A systematic review of 52 studies showed that cold water immersion is effective in aiding recovery after high-intensity exercise when done 6-8 hours after training or before training.

Increases energy and focus

Cold water immersion triggers the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the brain and body. These hormones make you feel more alert even for many hours after your cold plunge.

Builds mental fortitude and grit

Doing hard things intentionally is hard, but necessary at times. By forcing yourself to face and embrace the stress of cold water immersion, you train and strengthen your prefrontal cortex—the area of your brain that controls impulses and reflexivity.

Enhances your mood

Immersing in cold water has been shown to increase the production of beta-endorphins and dopamine—which can give a natural high and improve symptoms of depression.

Speeds up metabolism

Going in an ice bath activates the body to burn calories in order to stay warm. The white fat (energy storage) in the body is also converted into brown fat, which the body uses to regulate temperature—which may result in sustained increased metabolism.

Supertub vs. the competition

Cheap tubs


Other premium tubs






Accessories often sold separately at a mark-up

Comes with everything you need

Accessories often sold separately at a mark-up

Lead time


No lead time – get it in 1-2 business days

Wait time of 6-8 weeks is standard

Shipping and taxes


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Up to $200+ in taxes



Free returns

Returns facilitated directly by us

High return shipping fees and/or restocking fees

Often customer must arrange return shipping on their own


Usually 1 year or less, or none

Automatic 2-year warranty – no registration required

Varies, usually 1-1.5 years

Super-easy, fuss-free setup

Set up your Supertub in just 15 minutes, in four easy steps:

  • Inflate

    1. Inflate the tub with the automated pump

  • Connect and fill

    2. Connect piping and fill the tub

  • Chill

    3. Chill the water

  • Balance

    4. Balance the water

    Get the complete experience –
    at no extra charge

    Every purchase of the Supertub Cold Plunge comes with the full suite of accessories to make your Supertub experience fuss- and worry-free.


    Skimmer net

    Electric air pump

    Phone mount

    Anti-slip mat

    Water Balancing Kit

    Our hassle-free purchase experience includes:

    Free standard shipping to your doorstep

    Free and easy returns within 30 days

    Fast, responsive, 24/7 customer support

    Automatically registered 2-year warranty

    Our promise to you:

    We guarantee every purchase with our 30-day “Love it or return it” policy. Buy it, try it, and if for whatever reason you don’t like it, return it to us for a full refund.

    Reviews from our customers

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    Harness the power of the cold with the Supertub

    Frequently asked questions

    The Supertub can be used both indoors, and outdoors in a sheltered area.

    The Supertub is designed to be set up by one person in as little as 15 minutes. Setup is simple and requires no special tools, and we provide comprehensive step-by-step video instructions to guide you through the setup process.

    For a limited time, we're also offering our Singapore customers a white-glove setup service, where a member of our team will come down to help you set up your Supertub and give you tips on usage and maintenance. You may book this service at no extra cost after you make your purchase.

    Once you’ve purchased your Supertub, you'll receive an email with the subject line "We've got your order!" Scroll down to the section titled "Booking a setup appointment" to find a calendar link where you can book your appointment.

    The Supertub measures 52x28x24" (132x71x61cm) and can comfortably accommodate users up to 6'3" (190cm) tall and 198lbs (90kg) in weight.

    We recommend that you change the water in your Supertub every month or so.

    The Supertub has a built-in filtration and sanitization system to keep the water clean. It comes with a 20-micron filter that removes ultra-fine sand, sediment and dirt, as well as an ozone generator to eliminate pollutants, microbes and mold. The Permafrost™ chiller is also designed to be kept on 24/7, which prevents the water from stagnating and keeps it fresh and clean.

    Every purchase of the Supertub also comes with a free Water Balancing Kit, which includes a chlorine- and bromine-free sanitizer and oxidizer and a pH balancing kit to help keep your water clean, clear, and properly balanced.

    We recommend starting at a higher temperature (e.g. 50°F (10°C)), and gradually lowering the temperature over several sessions as your body gets used to the cold.

    The water should feel uncomfortably but not painfully cold in each session. We also recommend starting with less frequent sessions (e.g. 2-4 times a week) and gradually increasing session frequency as you become more comfortable with the routine.

    Finally, we recommend starting with shorter sessions (e.g. 1-2 minutes) and increasing to up to 5 minutes as you become comfortable.

    While using the Supertub, pay attention to how your body is responding to each session, and make sure you are using the right temperature settings and session durations for you. If you feel any unexpected pain or discomfort during a session, stop use immediately and consult your physician.

    As a safety feature, the Supertub is programmed not to operate in ambient temperatures below 32°F (0°C) or above 113°F (45°C). At these temperatures, water flow from the tub to the chiller will not turn on even if the "Switch" icon is pressed.

    Ambient temperatures above 113°F (45°C) may damage the Supertub's internal components, so in very hot weather we recommend moving your Supertub to a sheltered area where the ambient temperature is lower than 113°F (45°C) and where it is out of direct sunlight.

    In ambient temperatures below 32°F (0°C), water may freeze within the tub and chiller and cause damage to the internal components; so we recommend moving your Supertub indoors where the ambient temperature is above 32°F (0°C), or emptying the tub and chiller and making sure they are completely dry.

    The Supertub is powerful enough to chill water down to 37°F (3°C) or heat it up to 104°F (42°C). Thus, while most of our customers use the Supertub as a cold plunge, it can also be used as a hot tub.

    Each Supertub order comes in three kits: the Supertub Kit, the Permafrost Chiller™ Kit, and the Water Balancing Kit.

    The Supertub ships from our warehouses in Singapore and the United States.

    The Supertub is only available in and ships to Singapore and the United States.

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    Yes, every Supertub purchase is protected by a 30-day risk-free guarantee with free returns. Be sure to retain the crate that the chiller shipped in to facilitate return shipment, and make sure that all major components are clean, dry, and undamaged before packing them for return, to ensure that you receive a full refund.

    If you wish to return your Supertub, simply email or use the live chat on our website to speak to any of our customer care representatives.

    Yes, every Supertub purchase comes with an automatically registered 2-year warranty for residential use. If you experience any issues with your Supertub, simply email or use the live chat on our website to speak to any of our customer care representatives.

    If you're interested in the Supertub for commercial use, please contact us at

    We do not have a physical store. However, we do have a 30 days love it or return it guarantee for those who wish to try the Supertub experience for themselves.